Joy has committed herself to helping individuals with hearing loss to hear their best. I was impressed with her professionalism and competence and am grateful for her help with my hearing

Miss America 2005, Deidre Downs Gunn, M.D.

This is my third pair of hearing aids and I have never been more impressed. These new hearing aids work like a dream- even in noisy environments! My wife is thrilled that I am paying more attention to her. We both are so grateful to The Hearing Center for making our world brighter

James Lee

I am a busy, working woman who owns my own fitness business. The audiologists at The Hearing Center have truly helped me to hear all the things I was missing. No one can tell I am wearing these invisible hearing aids- they just notice that I am hearing better. An extra perk is that these hearing aids are moisture and sweat proof- so I can wear them all day without a worry!

Linda Mitchell

Professional, knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. My journey towards better hearing was quite enjoyable. I love my new hearing aids and love coming into the office. I am always greeted warmly by Kathy and offered fresh, warm cookies.

Vivian Guenther

Amazing place for all my musician needs. My new ear monitors sound fantastic and let me hear exactly what I want to hear. I even got a pair of protective musicians custom ear plugs, which fit like a glove. Chris’ experience as a musician really helped me feel confident in my choice and I am so grateful for his help

Dan Pierce

I am 90 years old and can finally hear my grandkids again. My new hearing aids sound great and are so easy to use. I put them in my ears and don’t have to do anything else. I needed something that was easy to use and Chris took the time to get to know my needs. The Hearing Center is a wonderful clinic for people of any age!

Marie Fannucci

Joy and Chris go above and beyond all of my expectations! They even came to my house to install a bluetooth tv device that works with my new hearing aids. They made it so easy for me to hear again- in all environments. They told me that my life was worth hearing and they meant it. What a treat to work with a family owned business that is truly committed to helping others hear. Thanks Joy and Chris!

Marcia McClure

Chris and his staff really go beyond the services that you would normally expect. Getting an appointment is easy and they are always available to help me with cleaning and adjustments. I am so grateful for Chris and his caring staff for their help and services

Gerry Glen