Our Art Gallery

The Hearing Center is a strong supporter of our local community arts. Growing up in Hamilton, Ohio I always felt a strong community connection to the arts. Hamilton has always showcased beautiful sculptures, local artwork and ornate architecture. I want to recognize and support the many talented artists that we have in Butler County by exhibiting a gallery wall at The Hearing Center in Bridgewater Falls.

It is my belief that art is therapeutic and can be used as a part of the counseling and healing process in conjunction with the hearing journey. Stimulating both the visual and the hearing senses can bring a person great pleasure and enhanced quality of life. Our inspiring artistic environment complements our modern design and state-of-the-art technology.

Artwork will be available for purchase, with a percentage of the proceeds being donated to the “So the World May Hear” Starkey Hearing Foundation. The Starkey Hearing Foundation travels the globe, delivering the transformative gift of hearing to people in need. They have improved over 1,000,000 people’s hearing, connecting their lives one by one.

Winter 2014 Featured Artist: Sarah Cook

Sarah Cook’s “Positive Energy!” mantra drives her work as an artist and teacher. Trained at Xavier University as a fiber artist, she infuses her scarves, blankets, and other weavings with positivity. She has previously exhibited at numerous shows around Cincinnati, including the Hyde Park Art Show. Sarah earned her Masters degree in Education and has been teaching art at Nagel Middle School for the past 15 years. Sarah inspires her students to create, and is inspired herself by family, friends, students, and nature. This new series of words, mixed media, and recycled goods has been germinating in Sarah’s mind for over a year. She thanks The Hearing Center for showcasing these unique works. Sarah hopes her work encourages contemplation of our relationships with ourselves and others. Positive Energy!

Winter 2013 Featured Artist: Ken Marshall

Born in 1974, Ken Marshall came from Van Wert, Ohio, a small rural community. He started his art career by putting together small plastic model cars with his Dad. He went on to study the basics of art and design in school, and enrolled at Columbus College of Art and Design.

While in school, Ken was inspired by the paintings and sculptures of Alexander Caulder, Jackson Pollock, William DeKooning, David Smith, George Rickey, Max Beckmann, Francis Bacon, and Alberto Giacommetti. As he grew with his art education, his inspiration grew to include modern artists like Anselm Keifer, Julian Schnable, Mark Kostabi, and Chuck Close.

All the art seemed to inspire the idea of texture as a medium. Whether it is smooth or rough, texture is the driving force for Ken to create his pieces. His ultimate goal is to have the observer feel the texture through their vision, to have the observer WANT to touch the art, to try and convey that sense of chaos and unfinished surfaces, yet present it in a smooth, beautiful, and finished presentation. Most of his pieces are mounted or placed behind glass to make them seem that they are floating and as a way of keeping the observer always wanting, but always just out of reach to the art. Ken varies his art by constantly trying different, unconventional media (clay tile, scrap wire, dimensional wood, house paint), and trying to integrate the framing into the design to make the entire hanging piece a full work of art.

He currently resides in Centerville, Ohio with his wife, Karri, and son, London.

Quarter 1 2013 Featured Artist: Lisa Sabourin

We are pleased to introduce our first featured artist, Lisa Pater Sabourin. Lisa studied fine art at Xavier University with a concentration in drawing and painting. She earned a solo thesis exhibition, graduating with a BA in art in 1994. Lisa has continued to paint landscapes from her travels, as well as focusing on the ordinary beauty in the world around her. This is how she chooses to share her own visual experiences with the viewer. Her work has been featured in various galleries, exhibitions and private collections. Lisa has also done a great deal of commissioned work. She owns her own graphic design business (www.sabourin graphic design.com) and feels that painting and drawing feed the soul of her creativity, making her a better designer. Lisa lives with her husband, three children and cute black dog in Liberty Township, Ohio.

Please join us in celebrating the works of local artist, Lisa Pater Sabourin during business hours at The Hearing Center Gallery in Bridgewater Falls shown from February 1, 2013 – April 1, 2013.