Are you a student who is wondering about a career in audiology and what you can make as an audiologist? Perhaps you are just a consumer wondering how much your own audiologist makes.

Either way, I’d like to be able to answer your questions about the salary of an audiologist and what factors may affect how much they make.

Factors that Determine an Audiologist’s Salary

Though audiology is a field of it’s own, many audiologists work within other fields to assist in certain settings. For instance, one audiologist may have their own private practice, while another may work for a school, hospital, or clinic.

Just because an audiologist works for themselves does not necessarily mean they make more money. There are many factors involved with them owning their own practice including paying their staff and other overhead costs.

An audiologists salary is also greatly affected by their geographical location. An audiologist working in a major city will most likely make more than an audiologist of the same level that is working in a small town with a lower cost of living rate.

The setting in which an audiologist works will also determine their pay. This salary is determined by average costs across the area, but is ultimately determined by the company that employs the audiologist.

Salary is also greatly dependent on the audiologists level of education, specialized skills, professional qualifications, and experience in the field.

How Much Audiologists Make

Depending on their place of employment and geographical location, a doctor of Audiology can earn anywhere from $60,000 to $200,000 a year. The typical audiologist with an Au. D who works in private practice makes about $150,000 a year.

That seems like a huge difference in what an audiologist can make, and it is. Remember that this is greatly determined by how long the audiologist has practiced in their field, who they work for or under, and what it is they do specifically (such as work in a low-level clinic or popular hospital).

A survey conducted in 2008 determined that the medium salary of an audiologist with their own private practice was $92,000, while the medium income for an audiologist who works for someone else is $70,000.

How Can an Audiologist Make More

If you are looking at a career in audiology, you may be asking yourself how you can insure the best possible income for yourself in this field.

While it’s difficult for any audiologist to determine how much they could make, there are some things that will help you be more successful as far as income goes.

Firstly, you want to make sure you get your Au. D at a well-known institution that has a reputation for getting audiologists well-placed in their field.

A degree in audiology is not good to you if the place you obtained your degree is not looked upon highly by the profession.

Places that employ audiologists are just like any other employer, they want to know that their employees are well-trained and have a good education.

Many reputable schools have placement programs that will help you find employment after graduation from your doctorate program.

Overall, how much an audiologist makes is greatly determined by the choices they make in their career.