Micro Tech Hearing Aids

Your Hearing Center offers the best products available, paying special attention to value and quality to pass on to you. Our Microtech hearing products are the latest hearing instruments and technology available on the market.


Our Best Technology in a Custom-Fit, Invisible Hearing Aid

Packed with our latest technologies, Microlens delivers the benefits of today’s best hearing aid offer, in a device so tiny only you’ll know you’re wearing it.


Noise is No Problem with Focus

Hear more of what you want to hear, like conversations and companions, and less of what you don’t, like wind and background noise.


Listen Like Never Before

Not only are Mobility our most advanced hearing aids, they also let you stream stereo sound directly from your TV or radio to your hearing aids.


A Hearing Aid So Small You Can’t Detect It

Comfortable, removable, and a more affordable alternative to custom hearing aids, invisible AMP are an ideal solution for first-time wearers.