If you just found out you need hearing aids, you may be wondering and worrying about the cost associated with buying hearing aids. There are many ways that you can buy hearing aids. One of those ways is through a hearing aid specialist.

When you hear the term “hearing aid specialist” people are typically talking about a specific set of professionals that undergo basic hearing aid specialist training.

Hearing aid specialists are non-medical professionals who specialize in selling and fitting hearing aids. Some hearing aid specialists can perform basic tests, but many work with an audiologist or other highly trained professional to provide complimentary services.

In some cases, hearing aids can be bought cheaper through a hearing aid specialist than you might be able to get through an audiologist or other hearing professional.

In addition, many people like to visit a hearing aid specialist for follow-up visits and replacement hearing aid fittings because the appointment cost is cheaper than seeing a highly trained professional.

What You Need From A Professional

In order to get hearing aids from any professional, you will need to have initial hearing screenings and a clinical hearing evaluation completed.

Most hearing health professionals are required to give you copy of the results of your hearing evaluation, known as an audiogram. You will need your current audiogram results in order to get hearing aids from any other hearing professional or hearing aid specialist.

The hearing aid specialist will also want:

  • A medical history
  • A list of medications you are currently taking

Any further instructions from your audiologist or medical doctorAt the beginning of your first appointment with the hearing aid specialist, you will be given a questionnaire so that the specialist can get a better understanding of your condition, medical history, and current needs.

Most hearing aid specialists also ask that you bring along a close friend or family member to help communicate and take down notes and information during the appointment.

Find a Licensed Hearing Aid Specialist

Most hearing aid specialist mus be licensed by the state to fit and sell hearing aids. Look online for your state’s licensing association for hearing professionals.

Most of these associations have online databases where you can search for licensed professionals in your region.

Audiologists do not necessarily need to be licensed to sell hearing aids because of their educational background, but most other hearing aid specialists do.

Make sure that you read any purchase agreements thoroughly. You want to make sure that you know exactly what the costs will be as any conditions related to buying, fitting, and re-fitting your hearing aids. Hearing aids can be defective, so warranties, refund policies, etc. are important.

Information to go over:

    • Any return and refund policies
    • Information regarding the condition of the hearing aids (used, new, or
    • reconditioned)
    • Warranty
    • Cost and additional fees
    • Information about required post-delivery follow up appointments
    • Maintenance plans or information

Buying a hearing aid is a very important purchase. Hearing aids are not cheap and you don’t want to make the mistake of getting a poor-quality device just because you wanted to save a few bucks or cut corners.

By checking if your hearing aid professional is licensed and reading over purchase agreements you can best insure that your hearing aids are top quality and that you have a good overall experience.